rest/rhythm:day six

[Reflect on the passages that we have looked at this week. Is it possible that you might find yourself defined by the things that you do? How can you break those chains and… Continue reading

rest/rhythm:day five

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.14-32. Why would Jesus want to go away with his disciples and rest?] The disciples had just gotten back from a missions trip and Jesus had just learned… Continue reading

rest/rhythm:day four

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.6-13, 30-32. How would you respond to ministry success such as the disciples experienced? Why did Jesus respond the way he did?] I think my temptation would be… Continue reading

rest/rhythm:day three

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.30-32. Why do you think Jesus would want to get away with the disciples? How often do you feel like you need this?] There is a lot of… Continue reading

rest/rhythm:day two

[Read & meditate on Exodus 20.8-11. Why would God institue a practice of rest on the seventh day? What impact would this practice have on your life?] It seems that God wants us… Continue reading