rest/rhythm:day five

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.14-32. Why would Jesus want to go away with his disciples and rest?]

The disciples had just gotten back from a missions trip and Jesus had just learned that his cousin had been beheaded. It seems that there would have been a great need for time to process what had just happened. Not to mention the fact that what had just happened for both Jesus and the disciples tends to strain emotions and the body. Jesus seems to have a sense that they need rest in order to maintain the health of their souls. I have experienced similar situations and have seen how getting rest or not getting rest can affect everything else. Our bodies, minds and hearts seem to need time to recharge and refocus, or burnout takes place. I’m not suggesting carefree rest, but purposeful rest that “plugs back in” to God. When was the last time you considered such a thing?