Dwelling in His Word

As we are journeying through Mark, we are being encouraged to read through all four of the gospels.  I came across this article from Dallas Willard that encourages us to do the same… Continue reading

Your Work = Gospel Work

I am so thankful for how God has wired each of us and given us work to do.  Whatever it is you do, it is a gift from God to you and through you… Continue reading

Walmart and the Gospel

As I was discussing this week’s teaching with someone, I was reminded of a Walmart ad that was prevalent during the holiday season.  Watch it in light of Jesus’ example in Mark 2.13-17. … Continue reading

The Room of Grace

Shame coaxes us into wearing masks, convincing us that if anyone–even God–really knew us, they would reject us.  Grace tells us a different story.  Watch this.

Exploring Shame

If you’re like me, thinking about the power that shame has in our lives was eye-opening.  We probably could have spent hours if not days exploring it together.  In order to continue the… Continue reading