The Room of Grace

Shame coaxes us into wearing masks, convincing us that if anyone–even God–really knew us, they would reject us.  Grace tells us a different story.  Watch this. Advertisements

Exploring Shame

If you’re like me, thinking about the power that shame has in our lives was eye-opening.  We probably could have spent hours if not days exploring it together.  In order to continue the… Continue reading


We are all so busy in so many different ways.  So much of it is good and enjoyable, but it wears on us.  I want to remind/invite us all to do what we… Continue reading

A Clarifying Statement

Have you ever had that situation where you say something, and you know what you meant, and you think it was right and good, but then you realize, that maybe it needs more… Continue reading

Growing Together

I am so excited to tell you about a new challenge we will be kicking off on February 4th (which, not coincidentally is Super Bowl Sunday).  One of our desires is to help… Continue reading