intimate dependence:day three

[Read & meditate on John 15.1-17. The idea of remaining or abiding is the idea of being united with Jesus, being one in heart, mind and will. Maybe this is all an unpacking… Continue reading

intimate dependence:day two

[Read & meditate on John 15.1-17. If it is true that when we are not living in connection with Jesus, we can’t produce Godly character, then why do we try so hard to… Continue reading

intimate dependence:day one

[Read & meditate on John 15.1-17. Think about the picture of being a branch connected to the vine. How does that give a us a picture of our need to live intimately dependent… Continue reading

the greatest:day six

[Read & meditate on Mark 10.41-45. What needs to happen in order for you to follow Jesus’ example and to live a life of significance?] It’s hard to serve those around me when… Continue reading

the greatest:day five

[Read & meditate on Mark 9.33-37. When was the last time you slowed down and entered into a child’s world? Make a few sacred moments and do it today.] Innocence. Joy. Pure pleasure.… Continue reading