rest/rhythm:day four

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.6-13, 30-32. How would you respond to ministry success such as the disciples experienced? Why did Jesus respond the way he did?]

I think my temptation would be to get on out there and do it again–we’re on a roll, let’s keep moving. Which would probably cause me to experience greater fatigue and eventually frustration. I might even lose track of why I am ministering. I might fall into the trap of thinking that what I just did is the best or only way to do it.
Maybe Jesus wanted the disciples to simply get some rest. Maybe he wanted them to be able to take some time to celebrate what went well and to evaluate what happened. Maybe to process what had happened and to learn from it. Maybe he wanted them to be able to re-engage with the Father, to celebrate with Him and to be reminded of who was doing the work. Perhaps he wanted them to realize that they were not defined by the ministry they had done, but by the One who had done it through them.

Do I ever let serving God get in the way of my relationship with Him?
When was the last time that I really evaluated and processed what God is doing in and through me?