the message:day 4

[Read & meditate on Matthew 10.7. Now Jesus tells his disciples to communicate the same message. What message are you communicating?] As I look at Matthew 10.7, I have to read on and… Continue reading

the message:day 3

[Read & meditate on Matthew 4.17. How does Jesus’ message apply to you?] “Return to the way things are supposed to be, I am launching God’s project of putting you and the rest… Continue reading

the message:day 2

[Read & meditate on Matthew 4.17. Again, in the Jewish mind, the kingdom of God wasn’t a place or a time, but a condition in which the rule of God is acknowledged by… Continue reading

the message:day 1

[Read & meditate on Matthew 4.17. To the Jewish people, the idea of repenting was returning to the way things were supposed to be. How do you think Jesus believed things were supposed… Continue reading

like Jesus:day 6

[Review this week’s verses. Do you look like Jesus? What needs to change?] I wonder if my tendency is to live up to my preferences, or the christian culture’s ideals of what it… Continue reading