rest/rhythm:day three

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.30-32. Why do you think Jesus would want to get away with the disciples? How often do you feel like you need this?]

There is a lot of “noise” in this world. It seems like the more noise there is, the less we can focus on what is right in front of us, or focus on the priorities. It seems like it’s easy to lose perspective. I need to continually step away with God to be reminded that it’s God, not me that holds my world together. I suspect that Jesus knew these things and so much more. It’s easy to get distracted and diverted from what we have been called to. It can kind of be like a domino effect–the one distraction leads to another and another and yet even another, and by the time you’re done, you forgot what you came to do in the first place. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own agendas that we forget what God’s agenda really is.
It’s hard to listen with all the noise. Sometimes we just need to get away from the noise so we can hear God’s voice. I need this, because if I don’t have it, I become a machine, running on my own power and quickly running out. I definitely need time to rest, refocus, reorient, reacquaint, realign, and return. Maybe I need to take time to let God search my heart, so that I can listen when He shows me how I am out of step with Him and He can work His refining in me. So many times I can’t or won’t see my sins or my faults, because I am too busy. Maybe the busyness is how I keep from having to see those things. Maybe it’s time to take a look.

Do I really know what my purpose is?
How often am I intentionalizing becoming like Jesus?
How could re-engaging with God help?