Monthly Archive: January, 2007

the mission:day 1

[Read & meditate on Luke 4.14-21. What was Jesus’ mission that he intended to accomplish? Describe what that mission looks like lived out.] Jesus mission was to rescue those who are opressed in… Continue reading

the message:day 6

[Read & meditate on Luke 17.20-21. What would it look like to have the kingdom of God within you?] The sense you get from what Jesus is saying is that his kingdom is… Continue reading

the message:day 5

[Read & meditate on Matthew 6.10. How does Jesus describe heaven? How can we bring heaven to earth?] Heaven: the place where God’s will is done–everything happens according to God’s design. So according… Continue reading

the message:day 4

[Read & meditate on Matthew 10.7. Now Jesus tells his disciples to communicate the same message. What message are you communicating?] As I look at Matthew 10.7, I have to read on and… Continue reading

the message:day 3

[Read & meditate on Matthew 4.17. How does Jesus’ message apply to you?] “Return to the way things are supposed to be, I am launching God’s project of putting you and the rest… Continue reading