Monthly Archive: January, 2007

follow me:day 5

[Meditate again on Luke 14.25-35. Why would the cost of following Jesus be so high? What could it cost you to be a true disciple?] I suppose the first thing that comes to… Continue reading

follow me:day 4

[Meditate on Jesus’ warning in Luke 14.25-35. Does anything bother you about this warning?] In the church today, we seem to think that the more people that come the more successful we are.… Continue reading

follow me:day 3

[How does your story parallel the story in Matthew 4.18-22?] I am learning that as I process Scripture, I need to ask myself where I fit in the Story. How is this story… Continue reading

follow me:day 2

[Meditate on the disciples’response in Matthew 4.18-22. What were the ramifications?] “At once they left their nets and followed him.” “Immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.” So these… Continue reading

Follow Me:Day 1

[Meditate on Jesus’ invitation in Matthew 4.18-22. What is he looking for?] Here we go! Thank you for joining the conversation. As I read and meditate on Matthew 4.18-22, I have to be… Continue reading