the mission:day 1

[Read & meditate on Luke 4.14-21. What was Jesus’ mission that he intended to accomplish? Describe what that mission looks like lived out.]

Jesus mission was to rescue those who are opressed in any way. Whether they were oppressed by sin, relational problems, physical problems, emotional problems–Jesus came to put them back together. To live this out, we have to first of all, grow in love. When I am truly learning to live love, my antannae are up to the needs of the people around me and I can respond to those needs with active love. It seems like it is so easy to just focus on meeting my own needs; building my own kingdom of comfort, and to neglect the people around me. It is so easy to become so completely unaware of the people around me–this is nothing like Jesus who was fully present and aware of everyone around him. Jesus put people’s lives back together, he healed them and gave them wholeness.

How aware am I of the brokenness and neediness around me?
How aware am I of my own brokenness and neediness?
In what ways do I need to be restored and refreshed?
How can I join God in putting the lives of those around me back together?