the message:day 5

[Read & meditate on Matthew 6.10. How does Jesus describe heaven? How can we bring heaven to earth?]

Heaven: the place where God’s will is done–everything happens according to God’s design. So according to this description, we need to first get a sense of God’s design for the world. Here are some things that come to mind for me.
Love–there is a sense of true love for God and for every person in this world. I am no longer fixated on me and advancing my “rights” and my agendas. I am looking to the interests of others, I am entering into there worlds and seeking to join God in bringing healing, restoration and rescue. True honor and respect for every person. Being slow to anger, quick to listen, quick to forgive, full of grace and mercy.
Peace–a general sense of rest. A deep sense that things are as they should be.
Justice–the wrongs are made right. Captives set free, blind seeing, etc.
Living for Someone and something greater than myself.

Perhaps, every time that I live in any of these ways, I bring a little bit of heaven to this world.
So, how often do I do this?
What would happen if I took this seriously?