the message:day 6

[Read & meditate on Luke 17.20-21. What would it look like to have the kingdom of God within you?]

The sense you get from what Jesus is saying is that his kingdom is one that manifests itself from the inside out. Jesus starts to restore us from the inside and that restoration on the inside leads to kingdom actions on the outside. I suppose it would take on the appearance of being immersed in Jesus rescue and restoration project. Actively loving people–anyone and everyone who comes into my sphere of influence. Being intimately dependent on God the Father, as my most important relationship and my strength and direction. Seeking to be a person of peace and justice. Not trying to escape the world, but to engage the world with the message and mission of Jesus.
The kingdom of God isn’t something that I need to wait for–it’s a new reality that God is developing and working out in and through me. Now that is something to chew on for a while!

What kingdom is being developed within me?
Which kingdom am I pursuing?
What impact does that have on me and the world around me?