intimate dependence:day two

[Read & meditate on John 15.1-17. If it is true that when we are not living in connection with Jesus, we can’t produce Godly character, then why do we try so hard to do it on our own?]

I am so into short cuts. If I can do something quicker and more painlessly, I will. The problem with short-cuts is that many times I miss a few things along the way. Often, I don’t even get there as effectively as I could have if I had done it right. Maybe I have a hard time believing that Jesus knows what’s best. I will say that Jesus’ way of life is the best life possible, but my actions and attitudes tend to communicate that in practice, I would rather fall back to my escape plan and believe that I actually know better than Jesus. I want my plan and my progress to be measurable. Maybe I feel like I have to earn it. According to Jesus, it’s a gift and it happens when I live in intimate dependence on him. I merely need to be patient and to trust His plan. Funny, He’s always right isn’t He!