the greatest:day six

[Read & meditate on Mark 10.41-45. What needs to happen in order for you to follow Jesus’ example and to live a life of significance?]

It’s hard to serve those around me when I don’t notice the people around me. When I don’t notice the people around me, I don’t know how I can serve them. I heard someone say once, that “Should I help?” is the wrong question. As followers of Jesus, we should be asking, “How can I help?” We already know we should help.
Will I set aside my agenda for your benefit?
Will I set aside my allegiance to the clock and give you some time?
Will I actually seek out people who have needs, rather than hoping they come to me?
Will I sacrifice my comfort to help you feel some?
Will I let go of the the things that my arms are holding and put them around you?