let’s eat:day one

[What does sharing a meal with someone communicate?] When we eat together, we are sharing life. We are sharing what we have worked for. We are meeting a need that each of us… Continue reading

hell on earth:day six

[Reflect on what you have read and wrestled with this week. What steps do you need to take to start bringing heaven to earth?] I think I need to discipline myself to love… Continue reading

hell on earth:day five

[Read & meditate on Luke 16.19-31. How did the rich man bring hell to earth? How can you avoid this?] The rich man had a gate. He lived alone. That is what he… Continue reading

hell on earth:day four

[Read & meditate on Matthew 25.31-46. Which people allowed others to live in hell on earth and which ones tried to bring heaven to earth? How?] I guess it is a pretty big… Continue reading

hell on earth:day three

[Reflecting on our definition of heaven, hell would be a place where God’s will is never done. Perhaps hell is a place where my will takes precedence over God’s will. What would that… Continue reading