intimate dependence:day one

[Read & meditate on John 15.1-17. Think about the picture of being a branch connected to the vine. How does that give a us a picture of our need to live intimately dependent on God?]

The branch derives its strength, its health, and its purpose from the vine. As long as the branch is connected to the vine, it is alive. As soon as the branch breaks away, it begins to die. The same is true of you and me. The strength, health, and purpose we need comes from God alone. When I choose to find those things in my intimate relationship with God, I find them and I am satisfied. When I try to find them elsewhere, I discover disappointment and despair–I waste away. I can’t be who I was meant to be if I try to live independently from God–it just doesn’t work. I am wired to be connected to a specific Source, any other attempts to connect to anything less will short-circuit.