bread:day 6

[Read & meditate on John 6. How did Peter respond? Where do you fit in this story? Which role fits you best?] I love Peter’s reaction. He seems to understand what Jesus is… Continue reading

bread:day 5

[Read & meditate on John 6. Why doesn’t Jesus try to convince the people to stay?] This is probably where this passage starts to bother a lot of us. Jesus basically got rid… Continue reading

bread:day 4

[Read and meditate on John 6. Which kind of bread do you normally seek?] Jesus seems to be using bread as this metaphor for the perishable things in this world that we build… Continue reading

bread:day 3

[Read & meditate on John 6 again. Rabbinical teaching: “eat the flesh” = to absorb his entire way of being and living “drink the blood” = to absorb his self-sacrificing life-motivation and indeed… Continue reading

bread:day 2

[Read & meditate on John 6. How does Jesus respond to the people? Does this surprise you?] It does seem kind of strange. Jesus has a ministry that is attracting over 10,000 people… Continue reading