bread:day 5

[Read & meditate on John 6. Why doesn’t Jesus try to convince the people to stay?]

This is probably where this passage starts to bother a lot of us. Jesus basically got rid of the people–he didn’t water down his message for them, and they left. I wonder if it is because Jesus is looking for people who are truly hungry and thirsty for what he has to offer. I suppose that faced with the reality of not being around the Truth, a real hunger might develop.
Jesus seems to want to deal honestly with the people, not to allow them to get by on a half-way form of followership that will only disappoint, but to challenge them to go all the way to where we need to be.
I suppose the challenge is still the same today. Take the bread he offers completely or don’t take it at all.

Am I willing to completely absorb Jesus’ way of living into my life?
Am I hungry enough for him?
Is it possible that I am allowing myself to be temporarily satisfied by things that will disappoint me?
When issued the challenge, will I stay or walk away?
What are the ramifications?
How closely do I really want to follow Jesus?