bread:day 4

[Read and meditate on John 6. Which kind of bread do you normally seek?]

Jesus seems to be using bread as this metaphor for the perishable things in this world that we build our lives around. Maybe it’s job security or financial security. Perhaps it is to be in a position where people look up to you–to feel significant. Maybe it’s performance. Maybe it is the idea of having a life filled with friends. If I can just get married, my life will be complete. Then you get married and you start to think, if I could just have kids, they would love me and I would be complete. If I can just make my parents proud of me, then I will be satisfied. I just need to finish first. If I can just get this, everything will be great. If I can be good enough, God will be pleased with me and then I can feel ok.
It’s all just stuff.

What is my stuff?
How does it affect or control me?
Is it worth it?
Does it give my life significance?
Why have I built my life around it?