bread:day 3

[Read & meditate on John 6 again.
Rabbinical teaching: “eat the flesh” = to absorb his entire way of being and living
“drink the blood” = to absorb his self-sacrificing life-motivation and indeed his very life (Jewish New Testament Commentary, David H. Stern)
With this in mind, how is the bread the people wanted different from what Jesus offered?]
The people seemed to be aiming toward short-term satisfaction and comfort. They wanted Jesus kingdom on their own terms. Jesus pointed out to them that their lives were all about accumulating bread–just stuff. They were ruled by it. It gave them status and security, but it is so temporary and so fickled.
On the other hand, Jesus offers them a life of eternal significance. A life that is real life. A life that leaves a legacy behind. A life that brings heaven to earth. A life that matters. The life that deep down inside, we really have always wanted, but we are so content to settle for something less.

What keeps me from willingly and deliberately absorbing Jesus entire way of being and living, his self-sacrificing life-motivation?
Why am I so willing to settle for less?
Do I really believe that my way of living is the best life possible?