bread:day 6

[Read & meditate on John 6. How did Peter respond? Where do you fit in this story? Which role fits you best?]

I love Peter’s reaction. He seems to understand what Jesus is really offering. He has a sense that only Jesus can give them a life of real significance. Maybe there is something that he has sensed from Jesus that tells him that this is what his soul has always longed for. Jesus alone has the words of eternal life–the way to truly live.
I want to find myself as one of the core 12, and I think that I am often there, but so many times I waver between choosing to live my way and choosing to live Jesus’ way. I know that Jesus’ way is the best, but I naturally gravitate toward my own. God help me to daily choose the way of Jesus.

Where do I try to find my significance?
What do I expect to make my life meaningful?
What is my hope?
Whose way will I choose?