hell on earth:day five

[Read & meditate on Luke 16.19-31. How did the rich man bring hell to earth? How can you avoid this?]

The rich man had a gate. He lived alone. That is what he wanted and that is what he got. Apparently, as we isolate ourselves from others, we bring hell to earth. We were created for community, not for isolation. When I isolate myself from others, my world gets smaller and smaller. I find myself ignoring the needs of others, because they don’t exist to me.
The rich man dehumanized Lazarus. He saw Lazarus as someone who was beneath him. The rich man lived with Lazarus close by, yet never attempted to enter his world and to love on him.
The rich man had everything he wanted, but kept it to himself. In the end, he really had nothing.

I need to actively live with people.
I need to uphold, treasure, and protect the image of God in everyone.
I need to live generously.