August 11-With the Sheep

Journey through 1 Samuel

1 Samuel 16.14-23 “David, who is with the sheep”

Focus Verse-1 Samuel 16.19

Then Saul sent messengers to Jesse and said, “Send me your son David, who is with the sheep.”

Insight-So, David is anointed to be the next king and it’s interesting to see how he responds.  He goes back to taking care of the sheep.  David had every opportunity to pull the king card and get out of having to do something as demeaning as taking care of sheep.  This is one of the things that God sees in David: a heart of humility.  And then, when asked to go serve the present king, Saul, he goes quickly and willingly to serve the one he will replace.  Another act of humility and grace.

Active Response-I want to develop this type of humility.  The willingness to serve in quiet, behind-the-scenes, ways, without recognition.  I know that I can’t do this without my heart and my eyes focused on Christ for everything.

Jesus, fill me with the grace and humility to love and to serve like David and more importantly like You.  Amen.