July 27-Their Cry has Reached Me

Journey through 1 Samuel

1 Samuel 9.1-10.8 “I have looked upon my people for their cry has reached me”

Focus Verse-1 Samuel 9.16

“About this time tomorrow I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin. Anoint him ruler over my people Israel; he will deliver them from the hand of the Philistines. I have looked on my people, for their cry has reached me.”

Insight-God is so gracious.  Even after His people have openly rejected His leadership, He is still taking the initiative to deliver them from the Philistine oppression.  What would it be like if this wasn’t true of God?  We would be toast.  God’s grace is a beautiful compliment to His judgment.  Once again, God hears the cries of the oppressed.  This time, amidst all the complaining and rejection.

Active Response-I don’t want God to have to sift through the rejection and complaining.  I want God to have to sift through the praise and the worship.  I also want to appreciate that grace that is always all around me.

Gracious God, hear my cries and deliver me as only You can do.  Thank you for Your patience and grace that makes me whole.  Amen.