July 28-Where is the king?

Journey through 1 Samuel

1 Samuel 10.9-27 “Long live the king!”

Focus Verse-1 Samuel 10.19

But you have now rejected your God, who saves you out of all your disasters and calamities. And you have said, ‘No, appoint a king over us.’ So now present yourselves before the LORD by your tribes and clans.”

Insight-This section seems to be the evidence of a God who is both patient and fully confident in His ability to be God whether His people want to acknowledge it or not.  Through Samuel, God reminds the people of all of the times He has delivered them and been the ultimate King, yet they have rejected Him, so He will let them have what they want.  God doesn’t force Himself on us does He?

And in all of this, there are red flags everywhere when it comes to this plan to have a king.  Saul, the guy who appears to be the best man for the job, is such a coward that when the time comes to recognize him as king, he is hiding in the luggage!  Yet the people choose to follow him as their king.

Active Response-I need to surrender my desires to be king of my own life because when it comes down to it, I can tend to be like Saul.  Rather than standing up, I become all too painfully aware of my inadequacy and I try to hide.  I need to let God be my King and true leader-this is where I find my strength and confidence.

God, lead me, guide me and fill me.  Amen.