hell on earth:day two

[Read & meditate on Matthew 6.9-13. How can you be a part of bringing heaven to earth? (Hint: read Matthew 5-7)]

I can live in a way that I give people an accurate picture of what God is like–this means that I have to enter into their worlds and engage with them–just like Jesus.
I can seek to value the image of God in everyone by pursuing peace and reconciliation with everyone. I can be quick to admit my own wrong-doings, and refuse to have contempt for anyone.
I can choose to see every woman as an image-bearer of God, not as an object for my service or enjoyment. I can instead choose to protect the women in my sphere of influence and can nurture in them that image and their position as daughters of the King.
I can choose to do this most intentionally in my own home with my wife and my daughters.
I can choose to live a life of honesty and integrity where people know they can trust and honor my word. I can value people enough to choose to always tell them the truth–they are worth it.
I can choose to never lower myself to seek revenge, but to uphold the worth,dignity and value of every human I come into contact with, including myself.
I can choose to find ways to intentionally love especially the people that I find most difficult to love.
I can choose to make helping the needy about them, not me. I can choose to live spiritually in humility and grace.
I can choose to pursue a life that impacts others for eternity, seeking God’s kingdom rather than my own, trusting God instead of trusting myself.
I can choose to live in humility, recognizing my own sinfulness and truly appreciating the grace that God showers on me.