hell on earth:day one

[Read & meditate on Matthew 6.9-13. Heaven could be described as the place where God’s will is done perfectly. How would you describe God’s will? As it pertains to relationships? As it pertains to quality of life?]

When it comes to relationships, I suppose we have to look at our relationship with God first. It seems that God created us to have an intimately dependent relationship with Him. Within this, it seems that there should be a sense of authenticity, loyalty, vulnerability, trust, and adoration, just to name a few things. As we process the way the world was before sin became an issue, we see that this seems to have been the way things were supposed to be.
As far as relationships with each other, there is this similar sense of honesty, intimacy, protection, vulnerability, etc. There seems to be a sense of recognizing and honoring God’s image and creativity in each of us; a sense of belonging, value and acceptance.
It seems to go without saying then that the quality of life would be incredibly rich and fulfilling. Hiding from each other is so exhaustive and destructive. I suppose this harmony with God and each other could be described accurately as being quite heavenly.