rest/rhythm:day one

[Read & meditate on Genesis 1-2.3. Do you get the sense that God may have created the world with a sense of rhythm? Why would He do something like that?]

We are reminded in other parts of scripture that God is a God of order–it seems like within everything in creation, some sort of a pulse substantiates and sustains life. As our hearts beat, there is a rhythm, we seem to thrive when we have some sort of a rhythm or routine in our lives. Anything that runs or moves with a consistent rhythm seems to decrease the risk of breaking down. The sun rises, the sun sets–rhythm. The seasons come and go–rhythm. Rhythm seems to indicate balance. There is a certain integrity, peace and motivation within rhythm. Maybe all of these things are an indication of God’s pace and rhythm.

How consistent is the rhythm in my life?
What needs to change?