mustard seeds:day six

[Read & meditate on Matthew 13.31-32. How can you live a life that continually plants seeds of the kingdom?]

The first thing that comes to mind is intentionality. I have to do it on purpose. So I need to evaluate which kingdom I am living for. Is it my own? Is it God’s? I need to become more aware of the people around me–I actually need to enter into their lives, to know them and to love them. I have to risk being vulnerable. I have to be willing to serve. I must be willing to listen and not afraid to love openly and freely.
I must see people as people, and not projects or obstacles. I have to learn to love more deeply and more actively. I need to decide that status quo isn’t good enough–there is too much at stake!

Who am I living for?
Who am I loving? How?
How authentic am I willing to be?