follow me:day 4

[Meditate on Jesus’ warning in Luke 14.25-35. Does anything bother you about this warning?]
In the church today, we seem to think that the more people that come the more successful we are. Jesus doesn’t seem to gauge success that way. He seems to desire that people go in all the way with following him. The idea seems to be that we have to jump in with both feet–believing that his way of life is better than my way, my family’s way, etc. I have to be totally committed to wanting to be like Jesus.

Am I willing to exchange my ideas, agendas, dreams, comforts, and the like to embrace Jesus and all that that becomes?
Do I have a sense that it is worth the price?
What am I holding onto that might be preventing me from being completely oriented on being with Jesus so that I can become like Jesus?
Which way of life will make the most lasting impact?
Why does Jesus have to make it so difficult?

What do you think? What are you asking?