follow me:day 3

[How does your story parallel the story in Matthew 4.18-22?]
I am learning that as I process Scripture, I need to ask myself where I fit in the Story. How is this story my story.
With this in mind, it amazes me that Jesus has come to me, before I ever cam to him. Like the disciples, I wasn’t pursuing him all that passionately. I didn’t do anything to merit being invited to be like him. Though because of his love, he saw me and determined that I can be like him–he believes that I can love like him, I can impact lives like him, I can live intimately dependent on the Father like him, I can think like him and I can have the same attitude as him. I don’t always believe it myself, but he does, and that’s enough.
I fear that where it is different is when it comes to the ways that I respond to his invitation. These guys left everything and followed immediately. So many times, I drag my feet. Is it because I don’t trust him? Maybe it’s because I have a hard time seeing how entering into his life could be better than the one I am living right now. Perhaps it is because I am more interested in building my own kingdom of comfort and self-preservation. Maybe I just have a hard time believing what he believes about me–I don’t think I can do it, it’s for the “super-spiritual.”
God help me to be willing to leave everything to enter into Jesus’ life without hesitation!