like Jesus:day 3

[Read & meditate on Ephesians 5.1-2. According to this verse, what does being a follower of Jesus look like?]

This is one of those ones where the answer is so simple, yet so profound. Easy, yet so difficult. Being a follower of Jesus looks like love. More specifically, sacrificial love. A love that isn’t focused on me.
Is it possible that when we live love, our worlds expand and explode with color? I mean, when I am all about me–then I am the only entity in my world, it’s great for a while, but it can be rather disappointing, not to mention lonely. One of the first Christians even went so far as to say that essentially, if your life doesn’t look like love, you shouldn’t think that you are a Christian. It sounds harsh, but isn’t it true?

Do I look like love?
Am I willing to look beyond myself and to enter into the lives of people around me?
How many ways have I lived love today?
Who am I most interested in?
Do I want to make the lives of others better?
Do I get frustrated and see my relationships start to break down when I don’t get my way?
Does any of this bother me?