like Jesus:day 2

[Read & meditate on Luke 6.40. How do you become like the teacher? What would that look like?]

It seems like our idea of a teacher-student relationship has worked its way into Christianity. Is it possible that our relationship with Jesus has been diminished to merely desiring that we just learn as much information as we can and if we know enough, that should do the trick. We just want to know what’s on the test–no more, no less. In Jesus’ culture, we need to remember that this is a disciple/rabbi context. The goal of the disciple is to become like the rabbi by observing every aspect of his life, internalizing it all and imitating the rabbi. The goal was not to know what the rabbi knows, but to live like the rabbi lives.
Maybe this is one of the reasons that they were willing to leave everything to be with him, to spend time with him, to become like him in every way.

How can I spend more time with Jesus?
What gets in the way of my learning to be like Jesus?
Who am I really trying to be like?
How can it be a way of life, rather than another thing I do?