like Jesus:day 1

[Read & meditate on 1 John 2.6. What does that look like?]

So if I claim to be a follower of Jesus, I should live like Jesus lived. How does that translate to the 21st century? If Jesus had my job, how would he do it? How would Jesus live if he lived my life? I guess that’s what we are looking at here isn’t it. So often I try to live on my terms and pick and choose what I want from Jesus. The parts of living like Jesus that are convenient, I grab onto, the other parts, I disregard. I think I need to ask this of myself everyday. Do I live like Jesus?

What kind of neighbor would Jesus be in my neighborhood?
What kind of employee would Jesus be at my job?
How would Jesus interact with my co-workers?
What kind of friend would Jesus be to my friends?
What kind of spouse or parent would Jesus be?
What kind of child would Jesus be to my parents?

When people look at me do they see a glimpse of Jesus?