Cancelling the Noise

rewire mind

As we talk about being in community together, one of the beautiful aspects of the body of Christ is that we can cancel the noise of the lies that the enemy bombards us with and bring healing by speaking the truth of the Gospel to each other in love.  It’s amazing how this works, actually.  In attachment theory, as we are growing up, the connections we make with people helps to shape how our brain is wired and then affects how we interpret and respond to people and circumstances going forward and how we process life in general.  When we have been hurt by others, it affects how we see ourselves, God, other people, etc. and it has a profound affect on how we live.  Research is now showing that our brains can actually be rewired.  Once again, in “Anatomy of the Soul,” Dr. Curt Thompson, says this:

In Jesus, God comes not simply to be in the same room, but rather to walk right up to us, look us in the eye, touch us on the shoulder, and speak our names out loud, smile, and share a drink with us, all the while engaging, persuading, challenging, inviting, convicting and empowering each of us, loving us into new creation.  

And in this process, our neural networks are changed.

And what vehicle does Jesus choose to use to do this?  Us, the Body of Christ!  As we walk into relationship with each other and seek to engage, persuade, challenge, invite, convict and empower each other in love and grace, letting Jesus love in and through us, we get to be a part of bringing renewal and healing!  There’s a lot happening when we love each other!  It all starts with us finding ourselves completely secure in the redeeming, rescuing, unconditional love of Christ and becoming a place of safety for all to discover that in community with us.  And whether you see it or not, healing happens!  So, you are really doing quite a lot when you are loving each other!

Keep letting Jesus love you!

Pastor Lon