Connection-more thoughts on Together

Connect pinned on noticeboard

We were created for community.  We hear someone say it, but for some reason, we don’t always want to admit it.  We desperately need connection, it’s crucial for our survival and for flourishing.  I have been reading an excellent book by Dr. Curt Thompson, a Christian Psychiatrist called, “Anatomy of the Soul, “ an excellent and fascinating book about how our minds work and how our minds are literally renewed by Christ.  He devotes a few chapters to “Attachment,” which describes our connecting to others and how that shapes us.  In the book, he says this:

While connection may not be our top need for immediate physical survival, our Creator has formed us in such a way that there is nothing more crucial to our long-term welfare.  In fact, virtually every action we humans take is part of our deeper attempt to connect with other humans.  Even when it terrifies us. . . Once again we’ll see how God uses an important function of creation, that of attachment, to point us to Himself and to a life of depth, mercy and justice.  Attachment theory supports the supposition that there is no such thing as an individual brain, not even an individual neuron.  In fact, researcher have discovered that the way we attach shapes the neural networks that are the vehicles of the attachment process itself. 

The health and degree to which we connect with others shapes the way we process the world and the things that happen to us.  It also affects the way we see and relate to God.  In the coming days, I will share some more tidbits from the idea of attachment or connecting in community and how they shape us.  We were created for community and we thrive when we are committed to it.

Keep letting Jesus love you!

Pastor Lon