Empty Hands


I came across this quote today:

“It takes a lot of courage to recognize the truth that we ourselves are not the fixed center of things but rather that we are beings through whom life flows.  But when we do understand and acknowledge this, we discover that our emptiness will lead us more surely to our true purpose than our imagined fullness ever could, because God’s life and grace will flow so much more fully and freely through empty hands.” -Margaret Silf

It is really easy to face the circumstances of each day as if we are

the ones in control,

the ones who must hold everything together,

the ones who must determine the worth and value of each moment,

the ones who have to hold everyone else up.

We often forget that we are just ones, while He is The One.  By His grace, God keeps bringing us reminders of this truth. It often feels like breaking and it’s painful, but in the end it is good.  A friend showed me the work she was doing to prune her raspberry bushes yesterday.  For the bushes to flourish and to bear more fruit, she had to clear the clutter of the dead vines and branches.  When she was done with each bush, it looked quite empty, but it is in this emptiness that new life will finally have room to flow-to grow and flourish.

Today, God will lovingly remind you and me over and over again that we are not the center, He is.  It might hurt, but let Him do His work.

Let Him expose your emptiness.

Let Him back into the center.

And know the joy of watching His life and grace flow freely and fully through your newly emptied hands.

Keep letting Jesus love you!

Pastor Lon