Hope Lives


I have a friend who is getting married in October.  Actually, I have a lot of friends getting married in October.  In fact, it seems like all of my friends getting married in 2017 are getting married in October.  Anyway, this friend, has shared some of her thoughts about why October and why, for her, it is a celebration of resurrection hope.  You can read her story here.

I love a couple of her thoughts, in particular:

“On October 14th, I’m going to dance upon the grave of a once broken heart.”


“I have seen resurrection life transform the darkest places of my life. That’s the same kind of power and life that’s carrying me to and through marriage. This marriage I’m building is not only my safe place in the world, it’s also my declaration: God is good. God meets us in our pain but never leaves us there to die. Joy always comes in the morning. God is doing a new thing and a good thing – hope lives.”

She is taking a risk, a step of faith–trusting God and watching Him do the miraculous work of healing and restoring.  She has a story to tell.  May we all have stories to tell, stories of hope, the living hope of the gospel.