a little kindness


I’ve been thinking about kindness lately.  Kindness comes in all sorts- a kind smile, a kind word, an act of kindness.  Kindness is described as being sympathetic and helpful, gentle, giving pleasure or relief, friendly, warmhearted, beneficial and generous.  It’s amazing how just a little bit shifts the course of one’s day!  In Luke 6.35, Jesus says this about kindness:

If you want to be extraordinary—love your enemies! Do good without restraint! Lend with abandon! Don’t expect anything in return! Then you’ll receive the truly great reward—you will be children of the Most High—for God is kind to the ungrateful and those who are wicked. (The Voice)

I am reminded of a couple of things here.  The kind of kindness Jesus calls us to show is extraordinary-it isn’t normal!  It isn’t just for our friends and our family, it’s for everyone, particularly our “enemies” or those that seem opposed to us.  Jesus’ brand of kindness expects nothing in return and doesn’t limit itself!  And then finally, the reason we show kindness is because God has been kind to us-we are the ungrateful and wicked ones that God has shown kindness.  Even while we were His enemies, Christ died for us, and let’s be honest, even after we have received that kindness, we tend to be ungrateful.  When we show kindness, we tell ourselves and those around us the truth about who God is.  When we show kindness, we are putting the Good News of Jesus on display–we are living the hope of the Gospel and it looks a lot like kindness.

Can you take some time today to give attention to all the ways that God has shown you kindness in Christ Jesus?

The best way to respond would be to show some kindness today.  Who might God be leading you to show kindness to, today?  Give it a shot and you might just find yourself enjoying God’s kindness even more!