Monthly Archive: March, 2007

a life that matters:day one

[Read & meditate on John 3.16. In the Jewish mindset, eternal life means more than just a quantity of years. It describes a life of eternal significance, an infinite quality of life. Is… Continue reading

let’s eat:day five

[Read & meditate on John 21.1-14. What was significant about Jesus offering this meal to the disciples?] Every single one of the disciples had turned their back on Jesus in His greatest hour… Continue reading

let’s eat:day four

[Read & meditate on Luke 19.1-10. What was the response to Jesus desiring to enter into Zacchaeus‘ home? Why?] Zacchaeus was different. He was short. He was a wealthy tax collector. This meant… Continue reading

let’s eat:day three

[Read & meditate on Luke 7.36-50. Reflect on who Jesus showed love and acceptance to at this meal.] First of all, Jesus shares the meal with a Pharisee, named Simon. Even though Jesus… Continue reading

let’s eat:day two

[Read & meditate on Matthew 9.9-13. Sharing a meal with someone communicates acceptance and belonging–it communicates who is in and who is out. Reflect on who Jesus showed love and acceptance to at… Continue reading