let’s eat:day four

[Read & meditate on Luke 19.1-10. What was the response to Jesus desiring to enter into Zacchaeus‘ home? Why?]

Zacchaeus was different. He was short. He was a wealthy tax collector. This meant that he was cooperating with Rome and that he was making his own people poor–in many ways, he was stealing from them. He was probably a target of scorn and shame for most of his fellow Jews. For some reason, he was desperate to see Jesus. Then Jesus comes along, looks right at him and says, “I want to eat with you!” Jesus was offering his acceptance. This love and grace had an immediate impact on Zacchaeus. He is so transformed that he commits to giving half of his wealth to the poor, and then to anyone he has cheated tax-wise he will pay back 4-times as much as took.
Why? I guess love does that. Is it possible that love still changes people?