Monthly Archive: February, 2007

Jesus wept:day three

[Read & meditate on John 11.33-37. Why did Jesus weep?] Jesus knew that he was going to bring Lazarus back to life, so it wasn’t because Lazarus was dead. As you read the… Continue reading

Jesus wept:day two

[Read & meditate on John 11.17-32. Can you relate to Mary and Martha? How?] God why didn’t you stop this? Why did you let this happen? What are you thinking? So many questions,… Continue reading

Jesus wept:day one

[Read & meditate on John 11.1-16. How do you feel about Jesus’ response to his friend’s illness and death?] I have to admit, his response seems rather callous. I mean, if it were… Continue reading

rest/rhythm:day six

[Reflect on the passages that we have looked at this week. Is it possible that you might find yourself defined by the things that you do? How can you break those chains and… Continue reading

rest/rhythm:day five

[Read & meditate on Mark 6.14-32. Why would Jesus want to go away with his disciples and rest?] The disciples had just gotten back from a missions trip and Jesus had just learned… Continue reading