mustard seeds:day two

[Read & meditate on Matthew 13.31-32. How could simple acts of love and kindness expand God’s kingdom in your world?]

Love seems to be a key to the heart, especially when it is love with no strings attached. Even as followers of Jesus, I think I can fall into the trap of loving people so I can lure them into the Kingdom. I wonder if the better approach is to love them, period. And when I do that, I bring the Kingdom of heaven to them. A subtle difference, yet a huge difference, isn’t it. Maybe I could actually show people love and kindness because they are just that–people, who like me carry that divine spark as ones who are created in the image of God. Perhaps, as I do this, I am taking part in restoring their dignity and value as humans, and in doing so, I give them a glimpse of heaven, a glimpse of God.
I am starting to realize that something like this wouldn’t just change their world, but mine as well. It wouldn’t just change them, it would change me. I would find myself becoming more human–more real as I was intended to be. I would, in fact, find myself becoming more like Jesus!

What strings do I attach to my acts of love and kindness? Why?
Is that really love?
Why do I have such a difficulty loving like this?