mustard seeds:day one

[Read & meditate on Matthew 13.31-32. Little things can produce big blessings. What are the “mustard seeds” in your life?]

I tend to get hung up on trying to do the big things. Maybe the “mustard seeds” in my life would be things such as making eye contact with people I see in the grocery store, taking time to find out how someone is really doing, helping someone carry their groceries, merely just asking around what people’s needs are. Maybe its cleaning the house before my wife asks for help. Perhaps it is being a loving role model to children in the area who don’t have fathers. It could be picking up trash around the community. It could be going to the Legion and listening to the stories of the St. Francis regulars. It might be going for walks in a part of town that I am unfamiliar with and observing needs–which houses look like they need repair, maybe I can help.

Am I really listening and watching for opportunities to plant “mustard seeds?”
Am I intentional with planting them?