the mission:day 4

[Read & meditate on John 10.10. What do you think Jesus meant? Are you experiencing that life?]

To Jesus’ audience, their perspective of eternal life was a little different from our own. To them eternal life was more than a quantity of time, rather it was an eternal quality of life. A life of infinite significance, a life with depth and value–a life that had a real impact. Life the way it was meant to be. This is the kind of life Jesus says he came to give us, not just a life that never ends, but a life that is full of significance–right now. It is a sense of not merely surviving or just striving for the status quo, but a life that thrives, that is able to absorb and contribute to every moment. A life that leaves a beautiful fingerprint wherever it goes. A life that experiences renewed and restored relationship with God and the people around it. A life that is able to not merely enjoy the creation around it, but to add to it.
Boy, I have moments of this kind of life, but I want so much more. To live in relationships without shame or regret. To enhance the world I live in. To continually be refreshed and renewed. To be able to enjoy every moment, good or bad, because I can be fully present in that moment, with those people. God help me! I want what Jesus offers!

Have I become satisfied with the status quo or do I want more?
Where am I trying to find life?
Is it working?