the mission:day 3

[Read & meditate on Mark 10.45. What did Jesus come for? What would the people in your life say that you came for?]

Jesus came to serve. He came to give himself up as a ransom–a price paid to rescue us from our imprisonment and to return us to where we belong. I wonder if the ransom wasn’t more than just dying on the cross. Paul, one of the first christians, in his letter to the first christians at a place called Philippi, explains that Jesus put his rights aside in order to seek what was in our best interest. Jesus gave his life up every day–becoming flesh and blood was a sacrifice! I think this is something that I have to learn more and more every day. Am I willing to give my life up every day–willing to say as Jesus said to the Father–“Not what I want. You, what do You want?” I am so driven by what I want, what will make me feel good and comfortable.
It doesn’t seem to make sense, but Jesus is essentially saying that to serve and to give our lives up for others is the best possible way to live life–maybe I won’t understand it until I do it. What would the people in my life say that I have come for? Sometimes, at my best, I hope they see that my desire and purpose is to be a living sacrifice, but I fear that at my most “normal” or worst, they see me dwelling on myself, not willing to leave my comfort zones. That’s not what I want. It’s not real life.

Whose interests am I most interested in?
Who/what does my life revolve around?
What will it take for me to give my life up as a servant?