like Jesus:day 5

[Read & meditate on John 13.34-35. According to this verse, what does it look like to be a disciple of Jesus?]

It’s interesting, as Christians we want to be defined by a lot of things–pro-life, pro-family, republican, things we do and don’t do, high morals, etc. Many of those things are good, but they aren’t the thing. According to Jesus, love is the thing. Do people recognize me more for those types of things or do they recognize me because I love people well? I suppose it seems easier to hang our hats on some of those things because they seem easier or at least more measurable. Unfortunately, it seems like we can tend to get lost in those things and then lose sight of Jesus. We love the ideas and the structures more than we love God and people. Oh sure, we would have a difficult time admitting it, we get into those things because we love people, but maybe we missed it.

What am I more interested in fitting into certain categories or loving people?
What do I love more? People or ideas, etc.?
When people look at me, do they see love, do they feel love?
How much do I really look like Jesus?