I would like to tell you that I am brilliantly organized, but if you really know me, I am probably only sufficiently organized.  It is so fun for me to see, though, how God brings everything together.  As we have finished thinking about our call to steward the gifts that God has given us we have now moved into thinking about our values as a church–why we do what we do.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that stewarding and our values are connected.

This morning, I came across a set of videos on RightNowMedia called “Overflow” and as I watched a bit of it, I saw some great encouragement toward living what we have been talking about and examples of what it looks like.  I have shared the trailer with you, watch it and then watch the series-it’s only about 10 minutes per video and it is greatly encouraging and challenging as we seek to steward the life that God has given us together by loving Christ supremely and loving ALL people sacrificially.

Pastor Lon

Special Note:  Our church has a subscription to RightNowMedia.org that allows full access to anyone in our church family that requests it.  RightNowMedia is full of video studies that can be of great encouragement to you in a variety of areas:  marriage and family, Biblical manhood and womanhood, finances, leadership, history, science, evangelism, recovery and mental health, worship, and much more, including tons of great videos for kids!  If you don’t already have access, email me at lonbjornrud@gmail.com and I will send an invitation to join!