Churched_One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess

(From time to time, I will be reviewing a book that I have recently read)

If you grew up in the church, you probably experienced a lot of interesting characters and situations as you navigated your way to Jesus.

We are all in a journey toward grace, we just aren’t all as honest about the stumbles and falls as Matthew Paul Turner.  “Churched” is a refreshingly funny, yet thought provoking, look at grace and faith through the eyes of a young man whose family is just trying to get it right.  As I read “Churched” I found myself remembering back to similar people and situations in my own life-people who may not have always gotten it right and in their desire to be good Christians, struggled with legalism as well as the situations in my own life where I begin to slip into that kind of life.  I was able to remember those things fondly as Matthew Paul Turner subtly reminded us how even in the struggles of legalism, God’s grace is at work to bring us to true freedom.
I highly recommend “Churched” for anyone who grew up in the church and isn’t sure what to make of their upbringing.  Matthew Paul Turner is a great storyteller who is able to communicate poignant truths that are easier to swallow as you laugh at your self.