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Matthew 5.43-48

love your enemies_Lon Bjornrud


So I had a few more thoughts on this, than what we processed during the teaching and I thought I would throw them out here:

I wonder if this should lead us to think about how much we are affected/controlled by others.  As we buy in to the “rule of reciprocity” it inevitably leads us to always have to be reacting to what others do or don’t do.  If I show them love and they reject it, I must then decide between working harder to make them appreciate my efforts/me or perhaps I will choose to reject them as they have rejected me.  It seems like it would be so much easier if we could just learn to love with no expectations.  In a way, this puts us in a sense of control-we are determining our actions and attitudes based on our decisions, rather than always working so hard to please everyone, and maybe in doing that what we are really doing is working really hard to make everyone please us.

So, to put it simply, Jesus just says, “Regardless of the circumstances, love everyone-pursue what’s best for them.”

I don’t know about you, but I find myself desperately wanting to be the kind of person who naturally loves even those who don’t love me.  I want my response to be to ask God to bless them.  It’s amazing how God can change your anger, frustration and annoyance into compassion and even pity when you make the conscious decision to choose love first and always.

How are you seeing this work out in your life-or needing to see it work out in your life?  How are you applying/wrestling with this?  Let’s talk about it.